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We actually get a lot of letters from you guys. We get a lot of stuff online, you send us little stories about your lives. And I’ve actually read a lot about you, I know a lot about you guys. I’ve read a lot of things about how you’ve been through some crazy crazy hard times.


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musicalmayhem101 asked: Thank you so much for the follow! Your blog is awesome and so is your music! :)


Thank you :D . Your blog is wonderful also.

vovkulak asked: Aww thanks :3. You seem awesome too. You post a lot on bands I've never heard of or singers, so I need to cheek then out now since I'm always looking for new music :D


You should really check them out. They’re amazing :D. Can i add you on facebook?

vovkulak asked: Hey thanks for the follow :)


No problem. I read you’re little introduction on your page and thought you sounded pretty awesome. :3

breakfast-at-duchessssssssss asked: I'm pretty such at this point I have your blog open all the time to listen to the music that plays ^_^ so gooooooood~


Thank you for making my night. :)


I kissed the scars on her skin.I still think you’re beautiful And I don’t ever wanna lose my best friend.I screamed out, “God, you vulture (you vulture),Bring her back or take me with her.”
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